The Mask of Sanity

None of us are what we appear, and I mean absolutely none of us. The only person that will know 100% of all your flaws and secrets is you. We all work so hard to put on these shining outer images. When you look around all you see are people who seem to be happy, […]

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Taking The Ego Out of Rejection

We have been exploiting rejection to feed our egos. For instance, it’s when you hear someone bragging about how “thirsty” someone is, when you hear a woman brag that she’s a “heartbreaker”, or when a man brags about the amount of women he denies. I’ve even seen girls screenshot how many unread text messages they […]

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Understand Your Layers

Have you ever noticed that the more complex and intricate something is the more value it has? Art designs to gaming systems. Value and beauty lies in complexity. Humans are incredibly complex creatures. We have many layers to us. Layers that often make us feel conflicted at times, but also create the beauty. These differences […]

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Play the fucking game

“Man, I don’t like people that play games.” We’ve all heard this a million times, and if you’ve said this you probably feel so assured in your maturity. Congratulations. But life is exactly that, a game, essentially. Let me break this down into an equation metaphor. There are things we want (lets call that Variable X), […]

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Love is choice

This may be a continuation on my last post. But I’ve become an advocate for love it seems. If you look around you, as I explained before, love is slowly dying; we’re becoming prideful, lonely creatures. Love is starting to look like a thing of the past, it’s starting to feel like monogamy isn’t natural, […]

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Oops. I almost gave a fuck

I see it in the captions on Instagram posts, in the tweets on my TL, in everyone’s statuses, comments and updates. No one wants feelings. They give their witty one-liners to convey that they don’t “fuck with feelings”, and everyone gives their red hearts in agreement. Feelings aren’t cool anymore and no one wants them. […]

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